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by Parag Kumar Deka

Tolstoy 1st edition.jpg

বাৰটি সাধু

This book collects twelve timeless tales by Leo Tolstoy, translated in Assamese by Parag. The first edition of the book (top/left) was published in 2011, while the second (revised) edition (bottom/right) came out in December 2022. For the second edition, the translator did 75 illustrations and added a new cover design.

Tolstoy Cover (Second Edition).jpg
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আহোম — অৰূপ কুমাৰ দত্ত

Parag's translation of Arup Kumar Dutta's acclaimed book The Ahoms was published in March 2020. By 2022, the book will have seen three reprints. The book condenses six hundred years of reign by the Ahom dynasty in the Brahmaputra Valley of today's Assam into some 440 odd pages and presents a story that is rich in imagination and historical details. This translation has been praised by readers and reviewers alike for vividly capturing the linguistic ethos of the period that the book portrays.

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